Known affectionately as “The Mailman”, because he “always delivered”, Karl Malone, the unstoppable, Hall of Fame power forward in the National Basketball Association made an unforgettable legacy in the basketball world. With his list of accomplishments, it is no surprise he is recognized as one of the greatest NBA stars of all time and is often considered to be the greatest power forward ever to have played in the NBA.

His stardom was apparent from the very beginning of his athletic career, from elementary school on. He had an impressive college career at Louisiana Tech University, where he used his speed and size added to his sheer basketball savvy to help him dominate even the most formidable opponents. There wasn’t a single doubt that he’d be a star later in the NBA, and in 1985, Karl was drafted by the Utah Jazz with their first-round pick – possibly the greatest personnel decision that team
would ever make!

Wearing the jersey number 32 (which the Jazz later retired to honor him), Malone proudly represented the Utah Jazz and embodied a strong spirit of excellence. For 18 seasons, Malone dazzled Jazz fans and other audiences with his trademark “Hammerdunk” as well as his accuracy from the free throw line. He was elected to the NBA All-Star team fourteen times (and was named MVP of the annual NBA All-Star Game twice) and earned the regular season NBA Most Valuable Player award twice, in 1997 and 1999 and was elected to the All-NBA First Team for eleven straight years.

In addition to league play, Karl also helped produce two Olympic gold medals for the United States playing on 1992’s original Dream Team at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona and again for 1996’s Olympic team that competed in Atlanta. Malone averaged an impressive 25 points/game, 10.1 rebounds/game and 3 assists/game over his NBA career; a remarkable achievement that made him one of the truly iconic figures of athletic history.

Karl always gave 100% on the court, and in addition to all of his clutch performances and game-winning shots, he was deeply respected and loved by his fellow NBA players and personnel. Today, Karl Malone is celebrated among basketball fans, both past and present, who look upon him as one of the most iconic athletes of his generation.

Karl’s incredible legacy didn’t end with his basketball career. Since he hung up his jersey for the last time, the Mailman has been prolific and generous with his time and resources in charitable pursuits. While he has often taken a lower profile in these humanitarian pursuits in order to point the light to shine on the charity’s purpose rather than upon him, nonetheless, his participation has raised the profile of these charities measurably. Simply put, the Mailman has never stopped delivering.

For these reasons, we are proud to offer exclusive Malone-branded products. Now fans of The Mailman can get their hands on exclusive Malone branded products from a Utah based company founded in 2022 by Karl Malone, his son KJ Malone, and Rob Ariotti in the same place where the Mailman took flight.

You can show your support for one of basketball’s greatest players by sporting official Malone branded sunglasses, watches, t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other accessories. Each product line will feature iconic images of Malone’s trademark “Hammerdunk” silhouette and designs honoring Karl’s legacy as an NBA superstar. Additionally, there will be a selection of accessories, such as hats and mugs, featuring the Hammerdunk logo. We offer limited edition items in various sizes inspired by Malone’s career achievements, including 2 Time NBA MVP honors and his special recognition as NBA All-Star Game MVP.

As part of our mission here at “Malone” we strive to honor Karl’s legacy and spread the message of excellence that he embodied during his legendary career as a beloved player both on and off the court. These items are quality merchandise that reflect Karl’s spirit while also providing you with goods that are comfortable enough to wear every day, whether you’re hanging out at home or going out with friends. At Malone, we want everyone who purchases our products to feel like they are part of something bigger—the celebration of one of basketball’s true legends! With this mission in mind, we strive for excellence in every product we create.

Our goal is not only to provide quality items at fair prices but also to ensure that customers have a unique experience when wearing our apparel or using any other products bearing The Mailman's name, logo or likeness.


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